Sea Glass Leather Necklace/Choker – Wear Your Passion

Sea Glass Leather Necklace/Choker

$ 20.00


SeaGlass Leather Necklace/Choker

Fresh and New-

2mm leather cording is highlighted with a recycled glass bead as the focal point framed by silver Zamak beads to add the finishing touch.

These beautiful recycled beads are made using an old method that has been used for centuries. The glass itself is derived from a variety of recycled sources including old beverage and medicine bottles. The procedure for making the beads consists of a number of steps whereby powdered glass is poured into molds of clay and baked in a specialized oven.

Note that these are handmade beads and the exact ratio of color to clear can vary slightly from photos.

Glass Bead Size @ 14mm

Lobster clasp makes the necklace adjustable from @ 15.25" -17.5"

 If a larger or smaller size needed please email us and we can size to fit.

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