About Us

How do you go from designing for corporate clients to obsessing over just the right charm for your soccer playing daughter and her friends?
Here’s our story...

We have been designing and creating together for nearly 20 years. It started with the fashion industry and then transitioned to the corporate marketplace.

On weekends, as parents with kids, we spent a lot of time on basketball courts, soccer and lacrosse fields. On Mondays, we’d share our weekend stories which centered around our kids and their passions. Through these conversations we began to uncover our passions. As we talked, we wondered…why can’t we combine our work and home passions? In addition to designing and producing products for corporate clients, why not put some of that energy and creativity into designing products to help foster the spirit, community and passion that we have experienced with our kids through their sports?

Thus, Wear Your Passion was born.
Our passions are now fulfilled by helping to:
- build team spirit
- show support for any sport or activity that one is passionate about 
- become more involved in community
- provide an opportunity to give back - as there are so many groups and organizations that are involved in sports and fundraising 

We are very excited about the people we get to meet and the opportunities all of this brings.
We hope to continually expand our product offerings to all kinds of activities, events and organizations.
Please check back often to see what new items we have come up with and who we have added to our team.

Pick your passion and then WEAR YOUR PASSION!
Stacey, Neal and the passionate Wear Your Passion team