Fundraising Opportunities

Excellent are just a few reasons:
  • We are the new kids on the block in the world of fundraising which means you have something new and unique to offer.
  • Easy to find viable buyers/donors since the item is something that people will WANT and get excited about. It appeals to a very vast audience.
  • All orders are generated online so very little work is needed on your end. We create an e-flyer that is is easy to mass email to all friends and family.
  • You choose the start and end date your want to offer
  • We will create and E-flyer for you that is specifically generated for your organization with all details of what the fundraiser is and how to take part and order. It will be able to be email blasted by anyone. You can also print it out for distribution.
  • All orders are placed via our website: When buyer checks out there is a mandatory box that reads “How did you hear about us”. Your organization will be included in the drop down menu for selection.
  • We offer a savings on shipping for all orders earmarked for a fundraiser. Ground ship for $3.00/order.
  • The more you shop the more you it is up to you to spread the word as much and as often as possible. Get your friends and family involved, they make GREAT gifts!
  • We will keep you updated of progress along the way if you should want to tweak anything, once the fundraiser has closed, we simply mail you a check -with a statement showing all of the orders that were generated.
  • In order to qualify as a fundraiser- it needs to generate a minimum of $200 in sales. We will give back 25% for  sales  between $200-$999, 35% if the sales are $1000+
  • We can offer incentives for “top earners” in order to motivate your sellers.
You do play a part in the success of this by how well you promote and get the word out.. We are happy to help strategize with you on the most effective methods based on your organization and fundraising protocol.
Email it..Post it on Facebook..Instagram...Tweet it.. Spread the passion..but most important: